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Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Is It A Good Fit For You?

For many people, the thought of sharing the details of mental health issues with a group can create anxiety. Group therapy can be incredibly valuable for healing and therapeutic purposes. Not being sure of what to expect can stop people from trying group therapy, when it may be a good fit for their needs. If you're looking for a therapist near you, finding a therapist who offers both individual and group therapy is a great way to address your mental health struggles with a variety of treatment modalities.

When you enter group therapy, it's ok if you don't feel comfortable sharing with the group right away. Sometimes, just listening to the others in the group share can provide comfort. Dealing with mental health issues can be isolating, and there's value in knowing that you're not alone. Over time, you may feel like you'd like to open up to the group. Doing so is your own choice, and can happen on your own time.

If you're interested in group therapy, it's important to go through individual therapy as well. Both types of treatment take a different approach to working through mental health issues, and both are valuable.

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